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I Like the Cold - Loki x Reader
Summer has ended.
That single statement left disappointment in your heart. Summer meant the end of shorts, no school, vacation but especially the shorts!
However the end of summer brought one good thing: the cold.
You see you weren’t a creature of heat. Quite the opposite actually.
In one of the most remote and hostile places of Earth was the coldest continent: Antarctica. This almost inhabitable place was coincidentally the place you were born.
When your parents first had you, you exhibited abnormal abilities. You had developed an immense ability to adapt to the cold- so much so that you once walked through a blizzard you hadn’t even developed frostbite. Then when you became a teen you started to have the ability to manipulate ice.
Crystals formed around you and soon whole glaciers of ice moved when you demanded them to. This was your primary realization that you were different. Three years and many obstacles later you were now recruited to the Avenge
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 486 66
Jotun!Loki X Reader: Man in the forest (One-Shot!)
    It was Winter in Asgard. You were roaming the forest that was covered in a blanket of snow, you wore a warm fur cloak that kept you toasty warm, you loved Winter, it was your favorite season after all. You especially loved taking walks and sitting by a tree and just reading for hours on end.
    You gasped seeing a Frost Giant sitting against a tree peacefully reading, but he wasn’t a giant, he just looked like a regular man who happened to be a Jotun.
    You took a deep breath and continued walking, you happened to walk past the Jotun man.
    He did not look up at you, nor did he move a muscle, he just sat there and quietly read his book.
    You turned around and stood there staring at the Jotun man wondering why a Jotun would be in Asgard.
    “Yes? What would you like?” The man asked not removing his eyes from his book; he turned the p
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(Loki x Reader) My King (Lemon) :iconahiannon:Ahiannon 229 45



Loki, The Rightful King.
I am so proud of how this edit turned out, if you download please do not take my water mark off as I do this professionally and I would like my work to be appreciated! 
Tom xox
If you download please do not take off my watermark! I spent a long while making this as it it for my uni portfolio :) Love you all <3 
Love Me xox
My new reading material gave me the inspiration for this piece Heart Heart 

Please give it a fav and maybe a comment all likes and comments will be returnedHug Heart 

Loki by lucyambergraphics


Ellie was walking in the rain, her brunette hair darken as the hash rain hit her as she ran in to her dorm she started to shiver slightly feeling the cold air of her room clashing against her fair skin, "Brrr it's cold in here." She mumbled as she walked over to turn the heat on as she did she heard her friend, Kat which was short for Katherine come through the door, "Bloody hell! It's cold in here!" She shrieked looking at Ellie, "I know, I know!" Ellie cried as she turned the thermostat up higher seeing Kat jump on the sofa, "Do you fancy watching the Avengers with me tonight?" Ellie asked her, her voice was sweet and warm as Kat giggled, "Oh my god El, you need to stop being nerdy and go out and meet boys. I have a date tonight." Kat replied to her with a chuckle. 

After Kat got ready and left for her date, Ellie dressed herself in a vest and tracksuit bottoms then walked to the kitchen to make some popcorn and a glass of coke as she put on the film and settled down as she watched the film her mind was full of dirty little secrets about what she wanted to do to Loki, the villain of the avengers. 

When the film ended, Ellie saw a message on her phone from Kat saying she won't be back until the morning which was no surprise to Ellie as Kat spend most her nights with her boyfriend, Ellie sighed and went to her bedroom and took her tracksuit bottoms off then collapsed on to her bed while she did she saw a dark, green snake slithering up her leg she let out a small yell and felt a hand clamping her mouth as another snake met its mate and slid up her thigh knowing she couldn't squeal or say anything she felt someone's warm breath hitting her ear which then whispered,

"Hello darling, I've been reading your thoughts and my my you are a dirty girl. I'm impressed." 

Ellie's eyes widened and gulped knowing who the dark voice belonged to she felt one of the snakes going near her panties and the hand  slipping away from her mouth as the man walked around to the end of her bed with a dark smirk watching his magically formed snakes playing around with Ellie,

"No, no you can't be real?!" Ellie squeaked seeing the man who had raven, black hair, emerald green eyes, his attire was black armour with a golden helmet which had two horns on the top and a green cape. 

"Oh pet, I'm real. Trust me." Loki smiled evilly as one of his snakes started to flick its tongue against Ellie's starting to swell clit and the other was making its way to her chest, Ellie tried to stop the snake at her clit as it was turning her on but Loki stopped her using his magic to cuff her legs to the bed. 

"Now dirty girl, you need punishing after what I read in your mind, tut tut." Loki took his helmet off and kept his eyes transfixed on Ellie who tried her best to bite back her moans then it hit her that a snakes sense of smell was their tongue then she looked at Loki who raised his brow darkly, "Im going to make a meal out of you my little pet. I'm going to make sure you know who your master is." He growled.

Ellie bit her lip as the snake that was by her chest wrapped its tail around her neck but Loki made the snake go to her wrist strapping her to the bed which Loki found a huge turn on as he started to strip himself but he left his trousers on hearing Ellie's moans his bulge started to show through his pants and it was aching to be released. Ellie saw him strip and felt even more wet then before feeling her wetness on her panties she felt the snake moving about and it's tongue tasting her which made Loki hum immensely, "You taste fabulous darling but I'm afraid these clothes will have to go." He chuckled as a green light appeared from his hand and made Ellie's clothes disappear and a clone of himself appear next to Ellie making her gasp, "Loki?" She whispered, "No, tonight my little mortal, you will call me master." Loki walked over to her as his clone started to kiss her neck making her moan sweetly as the real Loki removed the snake that was attached to Ellie's sensitive area, "Oh pet, if only you could see how wet you are for your king." He purred before crawling in between her legs seeing her glistening juices as the clone Loki started to bite her neck making Ellie scream pleasurably, "Oh my king!!" She moaned making Loki smirk knowing she subjected to him so quickly as he rubbed his long, slender fingers in her soft, warm juices making sure he got some on his fingers which made Ellie moan sweetly feeling Loki's clone and the real Loki taking her innocence away. Loki took his fingers away and started to lick her cum off them widening his eyes, "Ooh, I told you I was going to make a meal out of you pet, I might have to eat you now. You taste like chocolate." Loki groaned feeling his bulge tightening in his pants and Ellie noticed as clone Loki put his hand around her throat making her breath deeply as she watched the real Loki move closer to her womanhood and his sliver tongue moved against her swollen clit tasting every fibre of her which made him groan deeply.

Ellie moaned loudly feeling Loki's wet tongue against her and clone Loki kissing her jawbone, "Come pet, cum for you king." Real Loki spoke sucking on her pink flesh, Ellie bucked her hips against him and heard the demand from the eager king wanting to taste her juices


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Fangirl, loves to read and write, basketball, photography, graphic design and photoshop.
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